Barter And Stakedeals

Goods or services are exchanged for other goods or services without currency or cash and have been used for centuries before money invented.

The swapping/bartering date is about 6000 BC. Swap/Barter was introduced by Mesopotamia tribes and further adopted by the Babylonians and Phoenicians. They exchanged arms, food, tea, salt, and spices with other people. Americans swap for musket balls, deer skins, wheat and Europeans, crafts and furs for silks and perfumes.

In the early days, this system included people from the same area, but today, due to the invention of the Internet, swapping/bartering in modern societies is global.

A great example of swap/barter is exchanged one of your toys with your friend or a mason who builds a house for the farmer, gets crops or foodstuffs instead of cash for labour and materials.

Individuals swap goods and services based on equivalent estimates of prices and goods.

Companies exchange their goods for other products because they do not have credit or cash to buy those products.

Countries export/import trade deficits as swapping/bartering when they are in debt and unable to get the financial assistance to reduce debt.

The problem with swapping/bartering is how trustworthy is the person you are trading. You do not want to be frustrated to exchange an almost brand new item for old and worn. It may be a good idea to find a good place/plate farm like to have advantages to exchanging different items like lawn mowers for laptops and many more.

You can also offer a service in a swap for an item. For example, if your friend has the soccer shoes you want and his motorcycle needs work, you can fix his bike for soccer shoes if you are good at fixing things.

Stakedeals has an advantage for people to swap what they already have. Of course, such an agreement needs negotiating with both sides. It is a mutually beneficial agreement that does not involve cash or any other monetary medium such as credit/debit card.

Look through your home store or any other family member or friend who is not currently using something. Offer services to others like photography, plumbing, lodging, car rental, repairs, computer repairs, Babysitting/daycare and lawn care/landscaping work.

Do your research to get the right price and see if anyone is willing to pay. To value a service, evaluate your skills according to local estimates from professionals to know how competitive you can be.

Be specific about what you are looking for at has a list of possible categories for which you can exchange the required items you need.

When you find an exchange person, confirm in detail what services or goods will be, the date of swap (or work to be done), and if any party renews it as part of the agreement.

Once you have found what you are looking for or required at tell your family, friends, colleagues, and social networks about your specific success. So they can too come over to Stakedeals and get what they required and desired.

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