Modern Lifestyle

Modern Lifestyle

Modern lifestyle is a combination of good and bad. Technology is neutral, neither good nor bad, The invention  of modern technology makes life better and gives a lot of  advantages to people. Use of hi-tech machines is another way of social change. Being the modern lifestyle is an essential factor of human life, It is essential for everyone to know the pros and cons of modern lifestyle as this will lead to know what is necessary to be leave and what is to be accepted for.

Modern lifestyle isolated man from nature, people were healthy by eating natural foods, doing simple works and taking a walk to the nearby place, fast communication, advanced transportation (which reduces the time needed to travel) and improvement in travelling inventions, living in air-conditioned homes changed the lifestyle of all  ages . Modern lifestyle has made everything fast – Fast education, Fast communication, Fast production, Fast food and so on.

Modern technology facilitates the lifestyle of individuals but misuse could lead to unpleasant results.  communication outlets and connection sources are changing every aspect of life .Computer and internet are being arranged into houses. Although they have a lot of benefits but a lot of disadvantages on people health.

A lot of changes occurred within the life of all people and modern lifestyle has a remarkable effect on human mental and physical health. People are under pressure from friends, family members and employers to meet their desires. The challenge is the overuse and misuse of the technology. Changing Lifestyle can be treated as an indicator of changing in social attitudes. A person requires a minimum of seven hours of good sleep but being an integral part and sitting long hours in front of the computer, Smartphone, internet, messaging over social media pages or groups, , transfer of information, entertainment and other modern devices up to midnight could cause sleep disturbance and  deprivation which further causes the weakens in the immune system to fight infection.

it is regrettable that luxury and ease is pushing people away from healthy habits. Modern life style becomes frequently an important factor impacting health state of most humanity. Lack of physical activities, combination with fast foods leads to worse effects on the  health. Due to the short time specified for eating and choosing healthy, high fatty, frozen and fast foods, loaded with preservatives and skip of healthy nutritious consequently this unhealthy behavior can lead to gives rise to undesired diseases, chances to increases the heart diseases, illness, disability, obesity, leading to diabetes, cancers and even death.

Even pollution caused by the advanced transportation and modern machines, causes different respiratory diseases, negative effects on physically, psychologically, and socially. Some other factors causing depression, which damage person’s life socially and physically and will deprive him from his normal life.

we see people feeling overwhelmed because of the pressures that they face as part of modern life but the modern lifestyle also saving hundreds of lives by the development of new medicine and vaccines which are preventing public health crises and lowering mortality rates.

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