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What is called modern in 1823 might be vociferate traditional in 2023?

There is change in eating habits from traditional to modern. There are people who say that the modern companies spend more money on designing the box than cost of the ingredients inside it, and people who eat traditional-food are generally healthier than those eating modern foods.

Modern technology has led to many changes and influenced  in the food industry, No matter, what the reality is, in old times, a lot of fruits and vegetables are the part of people’s diet and the way people eat today is far different from the past. 

Let’s dig up the background of some of today’s modern foods.

In the old days, potatoes were assumed as harmful as human food, but the later invention of French Fries boomed its usage.

The idea of sticking a hamburger between buns came from Roman’s ‘Isicia Omentata’, which further turned into the modern Burger.

The modern pancake’s flour represents the stuff of life, its egg, rebirth, and its milk, innocence.

The idea of keeping food on top of flatbread was considered something that the poor could eat before the Italian invention of Pizza.

China’s ‘kê-tsiap’ was converted into Tomato Ketchup, but at the earliest, it was not made of tomatoes because, for many years, tomatoes were thought to be poisonous.

Once upon a time, you could buy things with chocolate, and for years people have offered chocolate to their dear ones to express admiration.

Various forms of sausages were known in ancient Greece, Babylonia and Rome,  but today’s Germany is the country with the most significant volume of sausage consumption.

Worcestershire Sauce began its life as an Indian sauce.

 A  lovely treat for today’s youth Milkshake was considered not for children.

The diet consisted of wheat, fruit and vegetables, but absolutely no meat is Graham Crackers.

Food refers to the Mallow plants harvested in Egyptian times and grown around marshes known as Marshmallows. In the early days, Egyptians had faith that marshmallow was an effective way of curing a sore throat in children. Rich kids eat it as candy rather than medicine.

Let’s end the story,

Many people saw this change as a negative, and some signs of a return to traditional eating occurred.

Many of these are harmful to human health for modern techniques, including industrial chemistry, hydrogenated fats, denatured proteins, the addition of flavor extracts, uses oxidized bleached, coloring agents, and preservatives.

 People love eating modern foods as they have access to a great variety rather than traditionally ones.  This change  is mainly the result from access to new technologies, modernization, globalization, modern supermarkets, food marketing, easy to get and available in all seasons and around the clock.

Further urbanization has discriminate a large part of the world’s population from the direct access to foods which resulted in changes in eating behaviors.

Some of the modern foods may be impure by exposure to or addition of a artificial substances; microorganisms during storage, processing, distribution, handling, or preparation; detrimental quality changes resulted from improper freezing or storage.

Modifying the food genetic,  trans fats and sugar presented in the processed food items can cause an inflammation, heart diseases, high blood pressure,  cancer, unhealthy conditions and even the chances of  life-threatening diseases on human beings.

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