Who We Are

StakeDeals is a multi-vendor marketplace in Pakistan that enables sellers and service providers to expand their business and services globally and an opportunity for consumers to explore endless possibilities to fulfil their daily needs. Ask Us if you need it.
CEO, StakeDeals


StakeDeals is facilitating every manufacturer, distributor, supplier, wholesaler, vendor and service provider to provide quality products and services at affordable prices to consumers globally and are committed to protecting consumers’ rights against unfair, deceptive and fraudulent online business practices by sellers and service providers.


StakeDeals aims to enhance, expand and strengthen online business deals by connecting sellers, service providers and consumers globally with an upstanding public reputation. To increase the number of trusted customers by providing better value for money, access to quality products and services and providing discounts and incentives.


We believe in building high values, commitment to quality in products and services, competitive pricing, on-time delivery, authenticity, reliability, transparency and respect for the customer’s needs. As a trusted business platform, we are eliminating the fraud through accountability, liability,  continuous innovation and embracing changes.

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