Frequently Asked Questions

For most consumers, will be a place where they can find great deals for offering, selling, exchanging and buying products, goods and services together. aims to be a medium that allows people to communicate directly without the risk of demonetization, meddling or any other intervention.

With your account, you'll have access to post new ads, manage (edit and delete) your existing ads, and manage your payment options.

You must be a Registered User and Log In to post any Ads. Click the "Submit Your Ads" button on My Account and Marketplace Pages and fill out a Form.

These are the Ads placed by people who want to get more results, always displayed at the top of the list and pages with a colourful background.

Your Ads will appear at the top of the home page with more views. That means more people, more likely to Buy, Sell and Swap.

You can subscribe to any package to make your Ads Featured by paying a small subscription fee.

Currently, only the Offline method is available. You can pay with Jazz Cash and Payoneer. PayPal, Debit/Credit Card and various worldwide available options are coming soon.

When you click on any of the Ads, A Detail page will open with information about the Location and Phone Number of the person who published the Ads.

The Search Filter has different search options to find Ads like Ads Type, Location, Categories, or Price Range.

People can exchange goods, services or two similar things without money.

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